Quartz Chicstone

Made from one of the hardest minerals on earth, Quartz counter tops are arguably the most durable option for kitchens. They're also some of the most eye-catching, with a wide variety of textures.

Granite Worktops

Granite worktops are waterproof, stain-resistant and almost impossible to scratch, and will maintain their diamond-polished looks for years. Hot pans, spills and every-day activities in kitchens pose no problem and cleaning is as simple as a damp cloth, making hygiene very easy.

Corian Worktops

Versatile with endless design possibilities makes Corian the ultimate solid, non-porous Corian kitchen worktops. Corian worktops are available in huge range of colours. Corian, perfect for kitchen worktops and used throughout the home due to its design capabilities

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