Mr and Mrs Mansha

Modern // Contemporary // Futuristic

The Mansha family came to us with one request; make the most WOW design we ever have. We accepted the challenge with open arms, it was something new and something our designers could really get their teeth into. We started by deciding that the cabinets should be sheer, crystal white. To carry this effect as far as we could, we removed the need for handles by choosing a door that has a ‘J’ handle grip built in. We also like the idea of having as little 90° corners as possible to add to the state of the art look, we also decided on a curved cooker hood that carries the same design principal. The lime green splashback that extends under all the wall units creates a fresh and clean colour scheme that looks modern, fresh and so impressive. To carry this large area, we also created a matching dresser unit for the opposite wall to be a display unit.

“It was fantastic being given this much freedom to really explore the modern kitchen design. It took us a long time to decide the final layout, but quite clearly, good things come to those who wait. This is the most ‘Wow’ kitchen I have ever designed, I am so happythey love it.”