Mr and Mrs Baldwin

Classic, Traditional and Inviting

Mrs Baldwin came to us after being recommended by a friend of hers. She tasked us with creating a warm, inviting area that felt like a real heart of the home. We stared by agreeing that a more classic and traditional look would be the way forward. She chose a soft pastel shaker door and beautiful speckled granite worktops. We played even more into the fantasy of a kitchen that belonged in an old farmhouse by adding a Belfast sink, it was something she had always wanted and we thought it added so much to the effect. We were able to add a few modern features into the mix, like the midi larder oven housing that we used to maximise worktop space while reducing the strain while cooking.

“I really enjoyed designing this kitchen, the finishing touches that Carolyn has added tie everything in perfectly and really play into the farmhouse fantasy. She wanted a true heart of the home, I think she got one.”